An Integrative Literature Review on Bullying among Nurses

An Integrative Literature Review on Bullying among Nurses

Full Abstract: Although recent studies on nursing stressors have been concentrating on the stress of patient care at the bedside, research have also shown that nursing environments are a major contributor of stress. The impact of working in a stressful environment and a perceived lack of management care for their nurses, have brought in a new problem, bullying among nurses. I conducted a literature review where I found that bullying among nurses is not a new issue, and it is not concentrated in the U.S. alone. Bullying among nurses is an international problem that affects not only nurses, but entire organizations, leading to nursing low self esteem and self doubt, which in turn increases the number in medical errors, leading to poor patient care, low patient satisfaction, and even deaths. Many nurse leave the profession as a consequence of these negative behaviors. Understanding the origins of these negative behaviors may help solve this problem or at least decrease the amount of the victims. A research was performed using bibliographic databases such as EBSCohost, ProQuest, PsychInfo, Medscape. Some information was found for organizations to take responsibility for some of these behaviors and their management. Proper training on professional behaviors needs to be implemented as soon as possible. Currently there is a shortage of nurses and negative behaviors such as this, only leads to unhappy nurses leaving the profession. In my research of some recent studies, a large number of new graduates were found to be leaving their first job in less than a year, declaring that one of their reasons was the complain of being bullied by other nurses. Very few articles were found where actual education was implemented to deal with these type of negative behaviors. If we ought to see an increment on patient satisfaction, a decrease in medical errors, a decrease on nurses calling in sick, and an increase in young nurses starting the profession, bullying needs to be addressed immediately.

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